Best Time to Visit Bali

Kuta Bali is a tourist attraction visit in Bali Indonesia. With all the stunning beauty ranging from the beauty of the beach, culture, traditions, etc

For those of you who have never been holiday to Kuta Bali tourism area, most likely you will have this question! When should visit Kuta Bali. To answer when the best time for a holiday to Kuta Bali, depending on your taste and budget during the holidays. 

If you like crowds, do not think about the budget holiday, then the best time of holidays to Kuta Bali in July & August. In July and August is the peak season time in Bali as well as the dry season, making the chance of falling rain when your holiday in Kuta Bali is very low. However, with you choosing holidays during the high season, there is often a traffic jam on the highway, as well as the price of accommodation soaring.

It will be different if you are on a vacation to Kuta Bali want cheap accommodation prices, as well as not much likes crowds. Then the best time of holiday to Kuta Bali that is in April, September, & October. On

In April, September, & October is the low season in Bali and still a dry season.

See more details below

1. Between May and October

Our country is known as a tropical country, including the island known as the island of the gods. Like most other tropical islands of the world, Bali has two distinct seasons, a rainy season and a dry season.
For you who want to enjoy Bali by trekking to nature, snorkeling in the sea, walking around Bali, or other outdoor activities, you should travel to Bali between May and October. The reason is that between the months Bali is undergoing a dry season. In addition, the days between the months usually tend to be bright and temperatures are in the range of 23 to 31 degrees Celsius. The temperature is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

2. During November to April

Bali has been known as a surfer destination for surfing in the Southeast Asian region. Because of this, often many surfers travel to Bali just to hunt for the heat of the Bali waves. If you want to feel the thrill of surfing on the waves of Bali beach, you should know in advance the pattern of sea waves there.

During November to April, you can try surfing in Bali's east Coast area, such as Bias Tugel Beach, Mendira Beach, Bugbug Beach (local name: Perasi beach), Amed Beach, and Tulamben Beach. This is because the area will be forged with large waves in those months. Remember, the waves there are more suited if you have professional surfing skills. So if you are a professional surfer, try to conquer the Bali wave waves in Bali's east Coast area.

3. Throughout April to October

If at the point above, we explained the time when the sea waves were besar-besarnya on the East coast, now we will explain the sea wave time suitable for surfing on the west coast of Bali, such as Medewi Beach, and Baluk Rening beach.

Did you know? Throughout April to October, on the West coast of Bali will blow big winds to make a medium-sized ocean wave. Well, this wave is suitable for you intermediate and advanced surfers. So, if you want to hone your surfing skills before you go to the professional level, it's not a fault for you to visit the West Coast area of Bali throughout April to October.

4. Between March and November

If the previous two points explain about the right time to surf the middle, advanced, and professional, then what if you have never tried surfing on Bali beach?
Relax, for you beginner surfers, come to Bali's south coast in March and November. The reason is, because the waves in this area are quiet and friendly in both months. In addition, the weather is also quite supportive for surfing. Of course, prepare your mental and other surfing support equipment before trying to taste the sea waves in Bali. Ask for help on a tested surfing instructor in the field of surfing.
Bali's southern coastal areas include Kuta Beach, Pandawa Beach, Green Bowl Beach, Blue Point Beach (Suluban), Padang-Padang beach, Dreamland Beach, and Balangan Beach.

5. Avoid busy months

As a famous tourist destination, Bali has high holiday season and low holiday season. For those of you who plan to have a vacation to Bali and do not want to dwell with the crowd, should avoid July, August and September. For your information only, those months are the busiest months for the tourism industry in Bali because of the many tourists who vacation in the third month. In addition to the number of tourists visiting Bali during those months, you will also be more prone to run out of tickets if you book tickets for flights during the month and run out of rooms when you book your accommodation. Unless, you are ready with the crowd consequences there and you book flights and lodging rooms from the far-away day before departure.

In addition, avoid December, because the Mas are approaching Christmas holidays and the new year. Bali is known for its New Year party of festive beaches. So, if you want to do a peaceful and quiet holiday while in Bali, you should avoid these months.

6. Months of Low-Season or Medium Promo

So, how do you want to travel with a limited budget? Quiet, we had a good time recommendation. You can go on vacation to Bali when entering the low-season or when the month is there is a flight ticket or lodging promo. Although the time is uncertain, but if you happen to see any promo for a holiday to Bali in a particular month, that's the month that is nice for your holiday to Bali.

7. Months of Nyepi Day holiday

Whether you want to go trekking, snorkeling, surfing, and other holiday activities, you should avoid the months of Nyepi holiday. The reason is, because local people of Bali still keep their ancestral culture. And as an area with the largest Hindu in Indonesia, the Nyepi Day is a great day for them. On Nyepi Day, there will be a kind of dietary restrictions known as the name, where on that day there should be no flame and electricity. Thus, often the property prohibits outdoor activities for tourists. In addition, all tourist attractions in Bali will be closed on Nyepi day. So, if you don't want to spend holiday time just to rest in the inn only, you should avoid this month.

However, it does not apply to those who do want to travel to Bali due to spiritual reasons or want to know the culture of Balinese people. That month can be your best month to realize your holiday wishes. Because, during NYEPI, Balinese people organize several activities, such as Ogoh-Ogoh, and others.
So, from our overall discussion, if you want a perfect holiday in Bali where you get a good weather, can do many activities outdoors, free from crowd crowds, as well as cheap ticket prices, then the months are Good for visiting Bali is in May, June or October.
How, already know good months for a vacation to Bali? Hopefully our article is useful for you in planning your holiday to Bali. Happy Holidays!

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