How To Make Fried Rice at Home Original and Simple

Fried Rice recipe. 

One of the World Survey Institute set fried rice from Indonesia is the most delicious food No 2 in the world. After Rendang from Indonesia
Simple fried rice is practical and without ribet as we reviewed above, actually enough to take the money and buy at the restaurant but if it is already on the lid it would be better to take a minute to get it out of hunger. It is easy to make a plate of simple fried rice, especially if the ingredients and seasonings are already in the kitchen. If you want to be good if you are still lucky to find complementary ingredients in the refrigerator such as chicken eggs, sausage or fried chicken.  Please listen to the recipe and how to make the following simple fried rice.

Required Materials:

2 Plates of white rice
2 eggs, beaten
Cooking oil/margarine for sautling

Fried rice Seasoning (blender):

5 pieces of red pepper
3 cloves shallot
4 cloves garlic.

Seasonings and flavoring:

Salt to taste.
Flavoring is sufficient.
Sweet soy sauce to taste.
Fried shallots, sprinkles (If Needed)

Complementary materials:

Tomato slices

How to make fried rice

  1. Heat the wok with oil to taste, enter the whipped eggs, wait for the next half-baked seasoning that has been mashed. Stir up the aroma.
  2. Stir in white rice, salt, flavoring and soy sauce to taste. Stir until all is blended and evenly. Well when stirring this up it (the result will be more delicious). After all the spices are evenly distributed, raise
  3. Serve on the plate, if necessary add another egg Ceplok or omelette (extra)
  4. For the presentation, do not forget the crackers and sliced cucumber/pickles To make more interesting looks and more delicious.

As we've reviewed, this simple fried rice recipe that we serve is only for 2 servings. So if you want to have more servings, you have to pay attention to the amount of marinade to keep its flavor guaranteed. Well for those who do not like spicy, the red chili beans can be discarded before being flavor so that the results are somewhat reduced in the spicy but the typical color of the redness of the fried rice remains visible. The.. Create and meet again in the next post.

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